The hit Mobile Game Pokemon Go has new features being added to improve the game for summertime. Among these features are Raid passes, Gym Hearts, and a new indicator with red slashes through certain Pokemon. Here are the latest details on the new Pokemon Go features including the important Raid Battles update that is coming in the near future.

Raid Battle Passes

The new Raid Battle system has yet to be added but is coming in the next several weeks. This will be a fun new addition to the Pokemon Go game. This will allow for a multiplayer experience where teams of a dozen players can compete to take down bosses.

However, players need a special pass to join Raid Battles.

That's where the Raid Pass comes in. These will be available by spinning Photo Discs at gyms in the Pokemon Go game. The latest game update included the Photo Discs for gyms to make them similar to PokeStops where you spin items for them.

Pokemon Go players should know they can only hold one Raid Pass at a time and once it's been used, it's gone. To enter another Raid Battle, another Raid Pass is needed. There's also a one Raid Pass per day limit.

There will also be a Premium Raid Pass available for purchase from the game store which allows players to use it multiple times instead of just once. However, this costs real money, and it's unknown right now what that cost will be.

Hearts & slashes?

There are now a few new indicators to be aware of with the latest game updates. One of these is the hearts that have started appearing over gyms.

While the gyms in Pokemon Go were recently disabled, they should be enabled shortly. A feature that has popped up while the gyms are being worked on is the hearts appearing above the gyms.

These seem to be "motivation meter" indicators. They will tell players how much motivation that Pokemon in the gyms have.

Basically, the new "motivation system" will no longer involve leveling and prestige. Once a Pokemon loses motivation, it's kicked out of a gym and tries to find a new gym controlled by an opposing team where it can drain motivation of the Pokemon inside.

It's still unknown at this point if the Gym hearts are indicators of the weakest or strongest Pokemon of the six in a gym, or maybe an indicator of the average motivation of all Pokemon inside. In the coming weeks, as the new features continue to get rolled out, players will become much more familiar with these particular aspects.

Another part of the latest update has players seeing red slashes appear over some of the Pokemon they have in their inventories. This is mainly a part of the game creator's efforts to prevent cheating as any Pokemon character with a red slash over it indicates one that was obtained using third-party services. This could refer to Pokemon that were caught using bots. These particular Pokemon characters may also not behave as expected.

What do you think of the new Pokemon Go features? Are you excited for Raid Battles coming soon?