Niantic is serious in imposing punishment on players who cheat on the Pokemon GO. According to the latest news, the developer has found a way to make the illegally acquired character useless in the player's respective inventories by showing a slash mark for each unaccounted Pokemon. Despite this, it is not clear whether a certain character will still function or not but one thing is clear; they are tracking cheaters within the game.

This is not the first time Niantic imposed punishment to players, and now, they are working hard to make sure cheaters will get alarmed by the sanctions.

Rumors, on the other hand, suggested that a slashed Pokemon may behave differently than expected. The developer has not revealed the possible consequence of keeping a marked Pokemon on the inventory, but it brings enough warning to players who will cheat in the game.

Pokemon GO illegal moves

For months now, Niantic has worked side by side with its partners in making sure, the Pokemon GO game remains a friendly and legitimate mobile game. Third party apps were accessible medium in catching more Pokemon in the game. Hacking is another way to acquire special characters in the game wherein illegally, Niantic was able to stop this by disabling players from catching Rattata and Pidgey.

In a Reddit post by Niantic Support, it stated that they remain committed to keeping the game fun and fair to all Trainers and they appreciate the massive response and support from fans.

Niantic's warning to fans that slashed characters may not behave as expected also initiated large-scale predictions from players.

Possible action of slashed Pokemon

Because the developer gave little information about the term "Behave unexpectedly," players of the Pokemon GO shared their own version of this punishment. Some say characters with crossed marks can only use the Struggle and Splash moves.

Meanwhile, others suggest that marked characters cannot be taken away from the gym.

Meanwhile, the latest Pokemon GO update involving the Raid and Big Gym is rumored to have some hidden features ready to be discovered by Trainers.

Sources reveal that iOS and Android updates are currently live and here are the notes included:

  • Added visual indicator to unvisited PokeStops
  • Added Raids tab to Nearby screen
  • Added new Gym Badge feature
  • Added four new items available by completing Raid Battles
  • Added in-app and push notification system for gyms and much more