The week ahead is going to be eventful for “Pokemon Go” players. Niantic Labs recently released the list of events to commemorate the anniversary and the success of the augmented reality game. Among the things that will be included in the festival are extra EXP, new creatures, birthday party action, and real-life real-world events.

Official event schedule

In the following days, fans will be bombarded with “Pokemon Go” news as the widely played game is inching towards its anniversary. The events were officially from Niantic Labs and were translated by SlashGear.

This series of events will also mark as the commencement of the massive expansion of the augmented reality game as previously announced by the game developer.

On June 13, players will enjoy the Summer Solstice event or most commonly known as the Ice and Fire. On either June 16 or June 20 there will be a total Gym shutdown, players will not be able to access the gyms. Following the shutdown is the gym rebirth, which has no specific date as of press time. The fourth event, which will last for the entire month of June, dubbed as Unibail-Rodamco. This will be followed by the Festival in Chicago on July 22 and a Pikachu outbreak in August.

Other scheduled event

According to several claims, there is another event that the company has not yet announced.

Reportedly, on July 5, Legendaries might arrive in the game. This is the same day last year when the game was introduced to both iOS and Android users. However, there is another speculation that the game would have an Unown event. The claim stemmed from the image the game developer used for the Chicago event. In the image, there are a couple of Unown pocket monsters, which is not frequently seen in the game.

It is a general knowledge among players that Unown is one of the rarest pocket monsters in the game. If the company would really launch an event about this type of pocket monster, players will surely love it.

Solstice event

Meanwhile, the Solstice event will start on June 13 and players are now excited to get their hands on Ice-type and Fire-type creatures. One of the highly anticipated pokemon that will most likely be in the game is Charizard, Charmander, and Charmeleon. Cyndaquil, the Johto starter creature, which could evolve into Quilave and Typhlosion is also expected to be a part of the event.

We will keep you posted about your favorite game, “Pokemon Go” as soon as we get more information. You can visit Blasting News for more gaming news, leaks, guides, and announcements.