Atlus issued a stricter streaming and video content guideline for “Persona 5” players, going so far as to threaten content creators with account bans if they fail to abide by the rules. Despite announcing the move yesterday, people are doing just that.

On Twitch and YouTube, a handful of streamers are still playing through the game. In a blog post, the developer stated that people are allowed to upload or stream gameplay videos as long as it didn’t go over the early-July part of the game, with the cutoff set at July 7. Uploads are limited to 90 minutes and should not show ending dungeon fights or big boss battles.

"Simply put, we don’t want the experience to be spoiled for people who haven’t played the game,” the publisher wrote on its website. “Our fans have waited years for the game to come out and we really want to make sure they can experience it fully as a totally new adventure.”

Players find leeway

It’s not really surprising that players have discovered a way to get around streaming past the 7/7 mark, as what popular streamer Admiral Bahoo has done. In fact, the streamer tweeted out a video that shows some spoilers and of course, how to stream beyond what Atlus has allowed.

While players are well aware of the potential consequences their actions hold, some chose to shrug it off and have spoken out about not caring. On Twitter and YouTube right now are some tweets expressing disappointment with Atlus’ announcement.

Atlus remains tightfisted

Previously, Atlus resorted to blocking the PlayStation 4’s native sharing feature in a bid to stop players from sharing their playthroughs. From its horizon, however, it’s all for the greater good. The publisher did say that the policy isn’t a standard for future games to come. “Persona 5 is a super special case for us and we’re in ongoing discussions about how our policies may evolve in the future,” its announcement concluded.

Persona 5” is both available on both PS3 and PS4. Fans looking to stream are advised to check out Atlus’ guidelines first.

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