More downloadable content is coming to “Final Fantasy XV” this year. Right after the announcement and the scheduled release of Episode Prompto, new information about the highly-awaited "Episode Ignis" DLC surfaced online. Here are the interesting details that we know so far about this December-bound content.

Episode Ignis

Just like episodes "Gladiolus" and "Prompto," the next downloadable content will star the in-game master chef Ignis Scientia. This expansion will complete several missing story details from the game’s main storyline. In the after credits scene of "Episode Prompto" DLC, fans were given a sneak peek at what they can expect from the upcoming expansion.

Latest trailer

In the latest trailer released for the expansion, it appears that Ardynn Izunia and the Niflheim forces captured Ignis. Fans were also teased on a December 2017 date, most likely referring to its release window. A sound of shattering glass can also be heard in the trailer. The sound is presumed to be Ignis’ eyeglasses.

The Battle in Altissia

Right after the battle with Leviathan, Prince Noctis wakes up with Ignis looking after him. It turns out that in the story Ignis becomes blind. As the reason for his blindness was not explained in the story, it is anticipated that the upcoming expansion will give light to what happened to the chef after their team separated and after fighting the Leviathan and protecting the citizens of Altissia.

In “Final Fantasy XV,” Prince Noctis made a deal with the secretary of Accordo to communicate with Lunafreya and call the Leviathan. The deal was that Noctis would safeguard the safety of all the citizens of Altissia. The Niflheim Empire was against the deal Noctis made with Leviathan. It was presumed that Ignis and Gladiolus were responsible for protecting the citizens.

All the paid expansions appear to be filling in the missing details in the game’s main storyline. In Gladiolus’ downloadable content, fans learned the reason why the sword-wielding character immediately left the party. With Prompto’s DLC, details emerged about what took place after the Prince threw him out of the bus.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Dual Shockers, Game Director Hajime Tabata shared that the December-bound DLC will have the most impact among all the game expansions. After Episode Ignis, Square Enix will be releasing a multiplayer expansion for “Final Fantasy XV” dubbed the Comrades.