#Overwatch” has inspired plenty of fan content since its release ranging from art, lore, merchandise, characters, maps, cosplays and more. Its community is one of the game’s strongest assets as they are devoted to Blizzard’s latest game. One “Overwatch” fan has even gone above and beyond by crafting a character’s ultimate ability using LEGO bricks.

Youtube artist ZaziNombies collected a whopping 4,500 pieces of LEGO to craft a lifelike version of Junkrat’s iconic rip-Tire. While the tire boasts an impressive likeness to the real weapon, it lacks its explosive and deadly features.

This makes it safe for fans to play around with or possibly even use it for events like cosplay photoshoots.

“Overwatch” RIP-Tire

For those unaware, this death wheel is the character’s ultimate ability that can eliminate a good number of enemies with its powerful explosion. Players actually take control of the wheel when he activates it, acting as some sort of remotely controlled weapon. Although players should be careful as opponents can destroy the tire by shooting it.

Junkrat is also open to enemy attacks during this time as the camera shifts away from him. He is then motionless throughout the entire wheel animation, leaving him as an easy prey to his enemies. Before activating the ability, “Overwatch” players should hide behind cover or create some distance between themselves and the opposing team.

LEGO RIP-Tire Comparison

While Junkrat can prop his tire upward on its spikes, the LEGO version cannot stand on its own properly. Youtuber ZaziNombie manages to make the wheel roll around somehow but its frame does not seem strong enough to support it. With this in mind, it seems like this “Overwatch” tire is better used as a display than an actual weapon.

In the video, he explains the various methods he went through to construct the life-like structure. ZaziNombie also goes a bit into details regarding the different kits he used to gather the specific bricks he needed to create the RIP-Tire. While this may seem like a daunting feat for others, the YouTuber already has experience with creating other “Overwatch” items.

Aside from the RIP-Tire, he has also crafted Junkrat’s Frag Launcher, Zarya’s Particle Cannon, and even Lucio's Sonic Amplifier.

It does not seem like the RIP-Tire will be his project as his fans continue to request for him to create even more items. The lively comment section is clamoring that he make a Bastion which might be a challenge even for the LEGO builder. Those who are interested in his art can follow his YouTube channel to learn more.