One of Microsoft’s most interesting announcements during its E3 press conference is that “Minecraft” will see “the Better Together Update to unify console, mobile, and Windows 10 versions of the game under a single edition.” With the update, participating consoles get Realms (the game's multiplayer mode), plus the newly launched Community Marketplace.

The tech giant has been hard at work in bringing the game’s fans together no matter how they’re playing, and now it’s close to happening – but without the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft wants Sony

While just about every version of “Minecraft” will soon support cross-platform play, that’s not the case with the PS4, Wii U, and Java versions of the title, a representative for Microsoft told Polygon.

“We are still in discussions with Sony about PlayStation and have nothing to confirm at this point, the spokesperson said. “We would love to work with Sony to bring players on PlayStation 4 into our United ecosystem as well.”

Minecraft’s” upcoming cross-platform play means players will be able to use their saves across mobile, console, PC, and even VR versions of the game. That will include all products under Microsoft, of course, and the Nintendo Switch’s version of the game as well.

Sony doesn’t want in

There’s no clear reason why Sony refused, but Jez Cordon from Windows Central in a tweet said Sony simply didn’t want in.

Explaining further, Corden said, “Microsoft said it’s their hope for all modern versions to connect to each other.

But I got separate info that Sony refused.” He then added he didn’t ask for comment as he doesn’t cover PlayStation, but “it’s confirmed that it won’t connect to Nintendo/Windows/Xbox versions of the game.”

Minecraft” is becoming one of the first console games to support cross-play between competing consoles in the form of Xbox One-Nintendo Switch connectivity.

Last year, Microsoft announced that it was opening its doors to other gaming networks, including Xbox Live, Nintendo’s online service, and the PlayStation Network.

Sony’s response, issued one day later to GameSpot, suggests the market-leading platform holder remains open-minded about the cross-console play but stopped short of discussing a deal with Xbox Live.

“We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play," it said in a statement.

Sony is yet to send out an official response regarding the refusal. Meanwhile, “Minecraft” will also get a 4K update this fall, as will the Super Duper Graphics Pack.