Another season of “Diablo 3” is wrapping up and with it comes come terrific changes. By now, fans are already convinced they will soon get their hands on the Necromancer Pack. It’s worth noting it’s been a while since a new hero was added, so fan-boy/fan-girl squeals are allowed, considering Blizzard has already revealed the end date for Season 10 and the start date for Season 11. This should give players a rough idea when the new class will arrive.

Necromancer release date: All but confirmed

Diablo 3” Season 11 will start July 20, with Season 10 winding up June 23.

This means in between wrapping up both seasons; there is a chance Blizzard will sneak the Necromancer Pack. It makes a lot of sense to introduce the new class in between this period so players can get well acquainted with it before the beginning of the new season.

Blizzard hasn’t said a word about an official release date as of writing, although a release window is pretty clear. Although, it is quite possible for the company to go way beyond the expected, and release the Necromancer during Season 11 or even after it.

Let the dead rise

“Rise of the Necromancer” was initially revealed at BlizzCon 2016. Along with the Necromancer class – a fan-favorite class from 2000's Diablo 2 – the pack brings in two more character slots, two additional slash tabs, and new cosmetics.

Blizzard had also boasted of the Necromancer’s “huge variety of skills,” chief among them its supernatural abilities. With it, players can use the Army of the Dead skill which summons a hoard of skeletons and deals 3000% weapon damage.

What players should also take note of is that the Necromancer does not need to rely on others to survive, as this character can utilize numerous blood and bone-based skills that can deal significant damage to opponents while also providing a fair amount of healing.

Meanwhile, Patch 2.6 and the Necromancer are currently available on the public test realm. The full list of Necromancer skills is detailed in the patch notes alongside the item sets for the class and other highlights of the patch.

Heroes x Diablo

In other news, a new cross-game promotion between “Diablo 3” and “Heroes of the Storm” has started today to commemorate the arrival of the new class.

The event also coincides with the release of Malthael in “Heroes,” but makes specific mention of the Necromancer’s arrival on the MOBA’s website.

From June 13 through June 26, players will have the opportunity to earn Ghost Kerrigan Wings in “Diablo 3” by playing 15 games with a friend in Versus AI, Quickmatch, Ranked, or Unranked Draft as Diablo heroes.