Overwatch” is taking its players up in the moon with the upcoming Horizon Lunar Colony map. Currently, the map is available on the game’s PTR and will soon hit the main client in the following days. The map, as revealed in the cryptic post in Atlas, was the home of Winston until the test specimen launched an uprising killing all the scientists and prompted the character to leave the place. Here are some of the compiled tips and tricks that you can use as a guide to dominating your foes when the map finally arrive in the game.

Outside the base

On the side of the first control point on the Horizon Lunar Colony, there is an area that leads to the low gravity portion of the moon and is already outside the base.

This is a good spot for Defenders. However, it is a very vulnerable area for Attackers. There is a great chance that Attackers can be immediately spotted before they even reach the place. This place is a perfect way to attack enemies from behind if a player manages to get to the spot unnoticed.

Use Pharah

In every situation, there is always a hero that can function well. However, there are several players who claim that Pharah is so far the best hero for this map. In a particular fight in the map where it reaches to the low gravity area, Pharah can float in the air. Aside from that, the hero can stay high in a small area and hurl numerous fires. In addition, she can use the moving ledge on the map’s second point to keep the Attackers away from the entrance of every room.

Small stairs section in the Attacker’s spawn area

Inside the Attacker’s spawn area during the first control point, there is an upstairs section that provides a full view of the entire area outside the main door. If you have no idea that this exists, you will have a really hard time to get an idea where your opponents are positioned.

These small stairs are located in the right part of the spawn room. This also gives you access to view anything in front of the doors.

The high grounds

In the Horizon Lunar Colony Map of “Overwatch,” there are several elevated areas and a moving ledge at the topmost part of the point. This is a strategic place where a player can get angles to keep the Attackers away.

Also, Attackers can use the walkway above the first point to get an edge against Defenders.

The exact detail about the release of the map in “Overwatch” main client is still unannounced. However, with the tips and tricks, you have an upper hand on how to play it smart against opponents.