E3 is underway and a vast array of games have been shown off at the event already. Gamers all over the world have been waiting for their favorite AAA titles to feature during the event. However, one particular section of games has been pretty much ignored at E3 till now, which is the mobile gaming industry.

Ubisoft is among the few developers who have devoted a part of its press conference to address mobile games and the titles which it plans on launching on the handheld devices. The publisher has announced the 'South Park: Phone Destroyer' Mobile Game, which is expected to release sometime this year.

It will be released for iOS and Android devices.

Ubisoft announces 'South Park: Phone Destroyer'

The publishers are already poised to release the 'South Park: Fractured But Whole' game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 17. With the announcement of the upcoming mobile game, Ubisoft is ensuring that mobile gamers do not miss out on the fun to be had from the South Park franchise.

Ubisoft claimed that the mobile game will feature a massive and engaging single player story, which players can take part in and enjoy. However, it was not revealed what the story will be about. The company also stated that it will feature PvP battles as well, where players can compete against other real world players for rewards and loot.

The gameplay mainly features card collection, through which players will come across the different characters from the South Park franchise. Being an official mobile game for the franchise, South Park Digital Studios are also involved in the development of the game. The game has been voiced by Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and other members of the franchise's cast.

Ubisoft also revealed that 'South Park: Phone Destroyer' was not the sequel to the much beloved 'South Park: Stick of Truth,' which was released for the PC and consoles. It is likely that the mobile game is a standalone game. "Fractured But Whole" is probably the sequel to the "Stick of Truth."

The game will also be updated over time to add new content and characters.

Developers assured fans that even if their favorite characters are not present at launch, they will most likely get added over time through updates. Ubisoft also stated that new and unknown characters may also be introduced as the story progresses.

Availability and price

The game will be free to play and players can do every activity in the game without ever spending money. However, micro transactions will be present so players can spend real money to get game items. For now, the game has undergone a soft launch and is available for Android and iOS users in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.