Bethesda Game Studio, the company behind the widely popular "Fallout" game series and "Elder Scrolls Online," is reportedly working on a new “Bleeding-Edge AAA Freemium” title. The latest job listing, which was first spotted by NEOGAF user Nirolak, showed that the studio is on the hunt for gaming manpower, and the job listing from Bethesda Montreal said that they are looking for a Game Performance Manager.

According to IGN, Bethesda’s Montreal office hasn’t provided much information about the job listing, however, it confirmed that the still-unannounced title will be taking a business-to-play model.

If everything goes well or according to the company's plan, the unannounced title will be the very first AAA freemium game released by Bethesda Softworks. However, details about the game are quite limited or not yet available. But, it is expected by many to be some sort of role-playing game, judging by the experience and expertise of the game studio.

Bethesda’s job listing: What exactly is the studio looking for/planning to do?

Bethesda is said to be keen on finding someone who can lead the strategy for selling players additional content and support for the studio’s planned free-to-play experience. The Game Performance Manager will work with the gaming team to provide guidelines, evolve, and implement monetization strategies, according to the company’s job listing.

The gaming industry is about to undergo some big changes and take another direction. It's the free-to-play route, and Bethesda might try this new route with its new monetization approach.

Bethesda working on several games?

Many still expected Bethesda Montreal to focus mainly on mobile games. The Montreal office is currently being run by Fallout Shelter lead Yves Lachance.

It also reported earlier that when the studio opened in 2015 it was noted that the Montreal office would work on mobile games. However, the job listing hints something much bigger that a mobile game. That is because mobile games aren’t typically described as a “bleeding-edge” or AAA game. And, more importantly, Bethesda’s job listings for mobile titles usually specify that mobile is what they are looking for.

Recently, Bethesda’s Todd Howard made a huge announcement that the company has been busy working on its 7 ongoing projects. These include the work on "Fallout 4 VR," "Skyrim" on Switch, and a still unnamed mobile game. Howard also added that Bethesda’s development team has two big projects to finish before even considering the next major iteration of the "Elder Scrolls" game series --"Elder Scrolls 6." This leaves the studio with three more titles in development. Two of these three titles are said to be much bigger than everything Bethesda has done before, according to Howard. This will likely arrive before the work on "Elder Scrolls 6," Howard added.

Bethesda to reveal final piece of puzzle at upcoming E3 2017 event

Finally, Bethesda’s fans can expect even more information during their E3 keynote this coming Sunday, June 11 at exactly 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time. It is speculated that they will finally reveal the final piece of the puzzle at the upcoming gaming event.

Based in Rockville, Maryland, Bethesda was first founded by Christopher Weaver in 1986 as a division of Media Technology Ltd. Later, it became a subsidiary of Zenimax Media and then, a full game developer with self-published titles. In 2001, the company decided to form another company, which they named Bethesda Game Studios. Focusing exclusively on publishing games, they published games created by Arkane Studios, Machine Games, BattleCry Studios, Tango Gameworks, id Software, and Zenimax Online Studios.

In 2009, ZeniMax Studios acquired id Software, and their title "Rage" would be published by Bethesda. By 2012, Bethesda decided to expand operations, publishing games from other independent third party developers, including Rebellion Development, Artificial Mind and Development, Splash Damage and inXile.

Some of the games published include "The Evil Within," "Dishonored," and "Wolfenstein: The New Order."