Nintendo has been having a good year so far with the release of its latest hybrid console – the Nintendo Switch. So much so that the company’s share price rose to ¥31,880, this is around $285. However, that figure is nowhere near its peak when Nintendo released its Wii console.

Also, Nintendo’s inability to meet high demands of its NES Classic Edition is also a factor. Right now, the same can be said with the Switch that has been sold out more than half the time. Nintendo certainly needs to keep things interesting if the company wants to remain on top of its game and here are a few that might help.

Surprise announcements at E3

Nintendo will only host an E3 showcase next month and won’t be holding a press conference according to reports. The company is expected to focus on the Switch and the highly anticipated new Mario game, “Super Mario Odyssey.”

However, fans of Nintendo would certainly appreciate it if the company made surprise announcements of new games for the Switch. This might attract potential buyers of the Switch and also keep developers interested in creating games for the hybrid console.

Changes to the Switch online system

The most notable complaint about the Switch online system is the fee, and for most people, this is a deal breaker. The company needs to reconsider charging people to use the console’s online system thus encouraging others to purchase the handheld console.

Another complaint is the need for a smartphone app to manage their online accounts on the Switch.

Create a new Pokemon game for the Switch

Pokemon is arguably one of the most popular games on Nintendo, and it needs to come on the Switch. There are rumors that Nintendo is developing an enhanced version of the “Sun and Moon, a ” but there is still no official word yet from the company.

If there is a new Pokemon game for the Switch, this is another reason for people to buy the console.

Make more games on mobile devices

Nintendo should follow through with the success of “Pokemon Go” and “Fire Emblem Heroes,” games that are available on mobile devices.

Most people already have mobile devices, so Nintendo has to put more attention to that detail.

“Super Mario Run” is still somewhat success, albeit a high price tag of $10. The Switch and the Nintendo 3DS will not be around forever, but mobile devices are certainly here to stay.

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