The latest “Final Fantasy XVUpdate 1.12 is now available introducing a set of impressive additions to the fan-favorite game. Square Enix has remained faithful to rolling out updates and improvements to the RPG title since it was launched. Most of these bring bug fixes and tweak broken game bits. Here is what is included in the most recent update.

File size

The most recent update is now live with a whopping 8.65 GB file size for PlayStation 4. On Reddit, an Xbox One user shared that the patch was 10.9 GB in size. Although this is not yet confirmed by Square Enix, it is possible that there are varying file sizes depending on the kind of platform used.

Changes and improvements

Update 1.12 features the Regalia-type D car and its capability now to be driven off the road similar to that of a monster truck. This will free the players from following the beaten path. This has been teased by Square Enix in the past when the developer started soliciting for feedback from players. This option can be unlocked at Hammerhead. Cidney will offer the option of remodeling the Regalia type-D. Moreover, it comes with a dedicated dialogue. Players can also activate its jump-boost feature by just pressing the circle. Aside from the car, update 1.12 adds music to the music player from the game’s upcoming DLC. This includes the tracks by FF MMO alumni Naoshi Mizuta.

Upcoming DLC

More than the car and the music, the latest “Final Fantasy XV” update prepares the game and the players for the arrival of the Episode Prompto DLC. The highly anticipated episode is scheduled to be released on June 27. This is the second update for the game after the Episode Gladiolus. The third downloadable content is dubbed as Episode Ignis.

However, at this time, details about the third DLC, including its official release date are still scarce.

As part of the preparation, players can expect the end of the current survey about future updates. Apart from that, it also adds compatibility with the upcoming downloadable content. Several bug fixes are also rolled out.

Aside from these varying updates and downloadable contents coming to the game, analysts are now speculating about an important announcement during the Gamescom. The event will take place in August 2017. For those who are eager to get a glimpse of what the upcoming DLC tomorrow will be about, you can check out the latest trailer below.

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