Final Fantasy XV is still getting a ton of support from Square Enix even after its initial release back in November 2016. While many fans have berated the latest installment in the franchise for its incomplete story, the company has been releasing new updates and content to make up for it. Following Episode Gladio and the Chapter 13.2 update, Prompto’s character Episode will be released on June 27.

However, Square Enix does not seem to be stopping there as they have released a teaser trailer for the next story DLC. This new piece of content will focus specifically on the “Final Fantasy XV” chef, Ignis, and his personal struggles.

This character not only acts as the caretaker of the group but also provides some useful buffs with the various recipes he creates. This DLC is the perfect chance to show off a different side to his personality that fans have yet to see.

Ignis Gets His Own Character DLC Teaser

The short teaser begins with piles of bodies on the ground with soldiers rushing in a war torn battlefield. There are also airships roaming through the grey-filled rainy skies which hint at a possible ongoing Leviathan battle. The 1-minute clip then cuts to these soldiers ruthlessly pinning down Ignis at gunpoint.

A familiar face enters the scene who berates a frustrated-looking Ignis. The rest of the main cast does not seem to be around which further back up the idea that this part of the plot might be where Noctis is busy fending off the Leviathan.

During this time, Gladio and Prompto had their own missions to accomplish at Altissia. The trailer finally ends with the teaser release window of 12/2017 meaning fans will be able to play the DLC this coming holiday season.

Future 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC

Episode Ignis will be the last main party member to get a character DLC, but it still seems like Square Enix has some more plans in store for their game.

They recently patched in a survey within “Final Fantasy XV” that asks fans what future content they would like to see. They opened up the possibility of other DLC episodes for characters like Luna, Iris, and even Ignis.

However, Square Enix has yet to share their further plans once they finally release Episode Ignis. Nevertheless, the game still has some untouched lore that they could still expand on in the future. Square Enix has also been releasing free updates like the Regalia Type-D that lets players explore Eos off-road. Those who want to play “Final Fantasy XV” can get a copy for the PS4 and Xbox One.