Final Fantasy XV,” the latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, was released for the Xbox One and PS4 consoles in November last year. However, now a new report suggests that the game will get a new update on Thursday, April 27. This update will add a new PlayStation Pro mode along with other exciting updates.

Features brought by the update

The most important feature which the update will address is the issue surrounding “Final Fantasy XV” PlayStation Pro console. Square Enix patched the game in February to be playable in Sony’s new 4K supported console.

However, players all over the world reported that the patch introduced lags and frame rate issues into the game. The latest update will likely fix these problems for users.

However, the PS4 Pro “Stable” mode, which the update will bring, may refer to some other added feature as well. Another important aspect which will be added is the ability to magnify the menu screen size as well as the subtitles. This is purely a customization feature, which will benefit some fans who may want to scale the size of the subtitles per their own preference.

Players will now also be accorded the ability to start up Timed Quests again, and this time, these quests will also feature rankings, which should spice things up for fans a bit.

These rankings will not just be present as an added feature, as players will now even be able to acquire a new, impressive weapon at the beginning. Additionally, the update will also bring new stickers for the Regalia customization along with new songs for the music player in-game.

About the game

The game features a vast open world setting which can be traversed by players on foot or vehicles.

Gamers take control of the main protagonist, named Noctis, as he journeys across the world of Eos with his three companions, namely Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. The player is also presented with a car know as Regalia, which can be used to traverse the world faster.

The game features a real time action based combat system when it comes to fighting mechanics.

Gamers can decide to either “Attack,” “Defend,” “Item” or “Magic” during a battle. Each of these choices reflects what the outcome of the fight will be. “Final Fantasy XV” also feature role-playing elements like character progression and a leveling-up system which makes the playable characters and his companions stronger and better equipped as time passes.

After its release, the game received mostly favorable reviews from fans and critics. GameSpot and IGN rated it 8 and 8.2 scores out of 10, respectively. DualShockers also awarded “Final Fantasy XV” the Game of the Year status. A PC version of the game is rumored to be under development; however, it is as of yet unconfirmed.