Nintendo’s innovative fighting game, “Arms,” has received a lot of praise for its uniqueness and gameplay. Despite its silly controls and quirky-looking cast, the game hides a deep complexity to it that makes it all the more fun to learn.

Players can choose to play with their joy-cons detached for motion controls or use a traditional controller instead. This provides players with the flexibility to choose their own playstyle, just like with most fighting games.

The game is also one of the Nintendo Switch’s enjoyable multiplayer games as two players can face off against each other in local multiplayer (assuming they have two pairs of controllers).

ARMS” may have just been released but Nintendo is already pumping up the game with even more content to enjoy. Aside from the previously announced DLC character that will join the fray, the game has gotten a new update that enhances the gaming experience through new content and bug fixes.

'ARMS' patch notes

The Nintendo support website has just dropped the full patch notes for version 1.1.0. To begin with, “ARMS” has just gotten support for LAN Play so gamers can now enjoy battling against others through a local area network.

To access this, players can access the Top Menu, clock and hold the Left Stick before pressing L+R to toggle between “Local” or “LAN Play.” The latest update also introduces the arena mode which is used for more serious 1-on-1 duels and can also be played via “Friends.”

The rest of the patch notes revolve around various bug fixes for the characters.

Kid Cobra can no longer repeatedly do a charge dash while riding snake boards and Barq will not warp a great distance away after Byte performs a rush attack while on a snakeboard. The patch also fixed the issue where ARMs would pass through the purple light boxes in the Ribbon Ring stage. Finally, the typo wherein Biff refers to the “ARMS Grand Prix” as the “AMRS Grand Prix” has been fixed.

Future updates for the Game

Aside from the various bug fixes and additional modes, Nintendo has already claimed that they will be adding new content shortly. Fans should expect some free DLC fighters to come to the game soon. In line with this, the game’s final boss will be available as a fighter next month.

However, the company has yet to share any new details for their future DLC as of now. Fans will just have to wait for further information on upcoming fighters. For now, those who are interested in “ARMS” can play the fighting game on the Nintendo Switch.