Back in May, developer Bungie announced significant improvements for Clans in “Destiny 2.” The studio shared some interesting details without giving away too much. But recently, the studio talked more about what players can expect from the newly revamped system.

In the first game, Groups were more about providing an identification icon in-game. They did not really provide anything significant except for the said icon. In “Destiny 2,” however, Clans will become substantial for organizing games, teaming up and leading Guided Games, among others.

What players can expect

In official site of Bungie, the developers discussed everything that players can expect from the system. First, they assured the members of current Groups that they can migrate over to the sequel as a Clan. The process will be seamless, but they will have to do this as soon as possible, as the migration process will start on July 25 and will last for a month only. As for Group leaders, it will be up to them to turn their Group into a Clan or not. Also, during the period, they can choose to retain their current position or pass the leadership to someone. Once this period ends, the new Clan creation system will go live on the video game company’s site.

Basically, Groups from the first game will be called Clans in “Destiny 2.” The structure, however, will remain the same despite the name change.

For instance, the allowed quantity of members will still be capped at 100. Interestingly, Bungie will allow any account created in the sequel to be a member of one Clan in each platform.

New abilities and/or features

The developers also revealed that Clans in “Destiny 2” will have a new set of features and capabilities. The most interesting of them all is the Guided Games, which works like a matchmaking system in the game.

However, this feature can only be used in high-level contents such as Nightfall Strikes and Raids. For instance, a Clan of five members can recruit an outside as their sixth player just to achieve the requirement in taking Raids. The recruit, though, will not be an official member, but rather a filler to proceed with the activity.

Furthermore, Clan members in “Destiny 2” will be able to invite other members of the Clan to participate in said high-level contents. Bungie confirmed that rewards would be given to other members as long as their Clanmates prove successful. Unfortunately, though, the nature of these rewards remain a mystery. The sequel is expected to be launched come September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC platform, it is scheduled for October 24.