"Horizon Zero Dawn" has become one of Sony’s strongest IP’s since its release and has captured the hearts of its many fans. While Guerilla Games had been known for their games like the Killzone franchise, they showed players that they could also craft an open-world adventure with an emotionally gripping narrative. The game also features a strong-willed and independent female protagonist named Aloy who embarks on a dangerous mission while standing toe to toe with vicious robotic creatures.

One thing fans noticed throughout her journey was that she lacked any romance options.

Love has become something of a universal theme in video games and many found it strange that Aloy never had any romantic interest in the game. While many NPCs, both male and female, have expressed their interest towards her, she never reciprocates. In line with this, Guerilla Games finally revealed why the popular game did not have romance.

Aloy’s Stance in "Horizon Zero Dawn"

During a PlayStation Live interview during E3 2017, Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst explained that Aloy is a very driven character who had no time to waste in the game. She was also born as an outcast and is a “woman on a mission,” hence why she never slowed down for anyone.

Nonetheless, Hulst claimed that he has heard the request for romance as people want to see the character explore her love interests.

Unfortunately, Aloy never had the time to explore her intimate relationships with other people in Horizon Zero Dawn. Despite this, one of the hosts in the interview claimed that one reason why fans love Aloy so much is that she is fiercely independent.

Possibility in the Future Installments?

It is worth noting that many of Hulst’s answers during the PlayStation Live video were in past tense.

With this in mind, there could be a chance for Guerilla Games to explore romance in possible future installments of the game. It is already set to get an expansion later this year and the managing director even suggested that they would like to spend more time in the current universe.

Many players have already expressed their interest for a sequel and judging by the sales, Guerilla has all the reason to make another "Horizon Zero Dawn" game.

However, it is still unsure if this possible sequel will include any romance options for Aloy. The game is now available to play on the PS4. Fans will have to wait for further information regarding the upcoming DLC, The Frozen Wilds, for now.