The last time Bungie revealed details about “Destiny 2,” it was about the difference between the sequel and the original title. Apparently, it was merely about the new title getting a new story arc. The developers basically wanted to provide a followable campaign. Whether or not players were happy with the reveal, it remains to be unseen.

There were players, however, who believe that “Destiny 2” would need a cinematic story campaign. This was primarily a component that the first iteration lacked in some way. Now, the studio once again dropped new details about the upcoming title: the newest villain to arrive.

Birth of a new villain

As far as the trailers released for game were concerned, the main focus was Dominus Ghaul. Bungie, however, iterated that the follow-up game was developed to introduce another villain character. This guy would be there to work behind the scenes, trying to complement Ghault’s aggressive strategies.

This new “Destiny 2” villain is known as the Consul, who is believed to be another member of the infamous group called Cabal. According to GameRant, the project lead of the game Mark Noseworthy describes the character as someone who works like a coach on the sidelines while the “Olympic runner is getting gold.”

The Consul will reportedly be featured in future cinematic trailers and will be seen interacting with the main villain.

He will bring the best out of Ghaul’s character, unraveling the latter’s motivations in attacking the Guardians (also known as the Red War).

The Consul as the motivator

Bungie iterated that the Consul’s primary work revolved around motivating Ghaul’s eerie plans in “Destiny 2.” More importantly, he will be seen delivering some untold backstories, most of which pertain to Ghaul.

These backstories are said to be events that occurred way before the game’s main story.

Players will see how the Consul helped the game’s main antagonist in creating a military coup, which will later on fight against the Cabal Empire and, ultimately, overthrew the emperor himself. The inclusion of another villain in the game further supports the studio’s goal to integrate a new story arc, one that they deem a followable campaign.

Interestingly, the voice actor behind the new villain in “Destiny 2” has been revealed by the studio. He is none other than Frank Langella, who is an acclaimed actor most popularly known for the hit TV series titled “The Americans.” He is also part of other titular movies such as “Superman Returns,” “Nine” and “Star Trek: Deep Space.” Ghaul’s actor, on the other hand, is Neil Kaplan.