BioWare has recently unveiled the 'anthem' gameplay trailer at E3 2017 event. That trailer has stunned lots of people, as the developer showcased the game’s co-operative gameplay, exploration, and combat. The newly announced game looks visually incredible in its first gameplay trailer, and Microsoft is said to be working hard to get this title for their new console Microsoft Xbox X.

Reports said that those weren’t the only things that the new gameplay trailer included, as BioWare is hiding a few other important details, as reported earlier by GameRant The newly announced Anthem is to be a science fantasy much like the Star Wars IP rather than the hardcore action RPG '#Mass Effect: Andromeda.'

In a recent interview with CNBC, Mass Effect chief Aaron Flynn made a good conversation about BioWare’s new IP and even discussed more how the new IP compares to BioWare's previous title.

Flynn pointed out that 'Andromeda' is more like a real hardcore sci-fiction game, while the newly revealed 'Anthem' is much more about having some fun and some exploration in a vast gaming world that is really lush and exotic. Watch the Video below to learn more about this new game.

BioWare’s new IP to offer even more than Andromeda?

According to YouTuber Arekkz Gaming, it looks like the new game Anthem may feature elemental skills and loadout. In the trailer, two players joined to form a team, and when their names pop up on the screen they also have some icons next to them. As mentioned by GameRant earlier, that icons suggest that players can customize their Javelin suits based on the elements.

That kind of feature enables the two players to build the best fighting team.

Additionally, the Arekkz’s video also offers a good hint on what sort of missions players will be able to take part in. Gaming tasks such as exploration, looking for new locations and landmarks were also featured in the said gameplay trailer. Other vector images of task marker icons may provide further details about the game.

In this new game, players will take on the role of a freelancer, which has a task of exploring the game’s vast world, as well as protecting the humanity from the threat. To do their task, freelancers will have to use powerful Javelin suits that can be modified to suit player fighting style. One player may use her recently-upgraded Ranger class, while other players may get into a heavy Colossus suit, which said to be equipped with a mortar.

As seen in the trailer, the Javelin exo-suits may grant players super-human abilities, courtesy of the fully functional jetpack and heavy armor plating. BioWare has added some customization feature here, each Javelin suits can be built freely, and each may come with different abilities.

BioWare still has plenty more to show about this new game, fans could expect more detailed info by next year. Hopefully, BioWare feels inclined to share more about the game soon.

First announced at E3 2017 event, 'Anthem' will be BioWare’s first new game series since its high-fantasy RPG 'Dragon Age', which was launched in 2009. It set to arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 2018.