In the last week, update v755 was released for the or popular open world survival game. Today is the scheduled released of v509 for the PlayStation 4 platform of “Ark Survival Evolved.” Aside from this, the game also received graphic enhancements for the recently launched Xbox One X, with the Play Anywhere feature confirmed.

Patch 509

Due to several bugs, and minor fixing, patch 509 of “Ark Survival Evolved” was not able to reach the PlayStation 4 console last week. The update promises to roll out new game features, several bug fixes and fresh content including new ATVs, dinosaurs, and motorized vehicles among others.

There are also promised changes that will be experienced in the game including texture memory revamps, mesh optimization, and memory reductions. New dinosaurs that will be featured in the latest patch includes Hyaenodon, Hesperonis, Megatherium, Megalania, and Yutryrannus. New toilets will also be introduced in the open world survival game.

Latest upgrades

On Sunday night, during YouTube @ E3 event, game co-founder Jessie Rapczack shared several interesting details on the upgrades that the widely played game will receive along with the launching of Microsoft’s Xbox One X console. Rapczack shared that the game will be a day one title for the latest console also referred to as the Scorpio and will receive a major upgrade for Xbox One.

In addition, the game will support the epic graphics setting that was first released for the title’s PC version. In other words, Studio Wildcard is carrying over to the latest console several features and assets from the PC. Among these includes higher resolution textures, volumetric clouds, and higher draw distance settings.

The game’s framerate has always been an issue with Studio Wildcard. Currently, the developer is aiming to achieve 60 frames per second. Rapczack also shared that the framerate will be most likely be varied, given that the game’s world is expansive, with massive and dense objects, and creatures. Moreover, there are building construction activities in the game that can affect the framerate.

In the event, it was again confirmed that Play Anywhere support of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Xbox One is also releasing along with the console’s launch. We will keep you posted with more updates about your favorite game, “Ark Survival Evolved” as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can visit Blasting News for your daily dose of gaming news and updates.