The long wait is almost over for "The Evil Within 2" as Bethesda Softworks confirmed the highly anticipated horror game for October 13. During a recent E3 press conference, the video publisher provided an update on the upcoming sequel of Shinji Mikami's creation released in 2014. Simultaneously, the studio also released a three-minute trailer "The Evil Within 2" packed with all sorts of horrors, with a rendition of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" playing in the background.

The survival tale of Sebastian Castellanos

The newly released trailer featured the comeback of Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective who found himself in a nightmarish situation after leading a gruesome murder investigation.

The video opened with the police detective running through the dark woods to rescue his daughter trapped inside their burning house.

He later found himself in a different world after an unexplainable and creepy element pulled him into another dimension. The video transitioned and turned Sebastian Castellanos' world upside down, bumping into countless of dead bodies.

The police detective found himself back in the dark forest, where he saw his daughter sitting next to a sea of dead people. The leader then set his daughter on fire before he could even get a hold of her. Sebastian Castellanos later found himself cornered by zombies in a burning forest.

What to expect from the sequel?

"The Evil Within 2," like the 2014 release, will be helmed by the "Resident Evil" director, Shinji Mikami.

The survival horror video game will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on October 13. The upcoming release is expected to feature the same characters we have seen in the original version.

The brains behind the sequel assured that the second part of "The Evil Within" will "surely [give] us all nightmares." Similarly, the newest third-person psychological game is anticipated to receive positive reviews from video game fanatics, considering how well its forerunner performed.

The Masato Kimura-produced video game was specifically commended for its horror elements. "The Evil Within," however, was criticized for the game's story and characters. Speculation about the potential sequel has been looming around after a job listing was leaked in March. Before the formal announcement, several Reddit users reportedly saw a campaign ad for "The Evil Within 2."