The announcement trailer for "Far Cry 5," by Ubisoft, was met with all kinds of excitement from the masses. While the previous games have seen the protagonist struggling to survive in different countries, this latest release is going to be happening in a much more controversial atmosphere. With the release of the teaser trailer for the game showing a particularly violent religious cult, a location in Hope County, Montana, and armed conflict, many questions were raised as to what the message of the game was meant to convey.

Not just the setting has changed this time

In previous games in the series, Ubisoft has gone for an approach that the protagonist of the game has to be willing to do anything not just to survive, but to protect those in their life that are also in danger. While it is still too early to know what the exact plot of the game is going to be, it seems as if the town of Hope County will be taking up arms against a religious cult that has taken over their town. In particular, the cover art that was released showed an interesting take on DaVinci's "Last Supper" painting. It shows what can only be assumed as the primary antagonist seated in the position of Jesus in the painting, with all of his supporters filling the other roles.

However, the remaining space around them is filled with arms, ammunition, and what looks to be the American flag. This image sparked a lot of controversy in the media and has drawn free press to Ubisoft's latest game.

The subject matter has drawn attention to the game

Even though all of the information for this game has only been seen in very short teaser trailers, it was enough to draw varying opinions on the Subject Matter.

Various symbols in the trailers have been analyzed and it is believed that there are potential allusions to Christianity, but the symbols appear to be created purely for the cult in the game. The negative reactions to this game stem from people feeling that it will just be a game that is just a genocide simulator. They claim that the other games in the series have been about a hero attempting to free themselves from the struggles that they are going through.

Since the game is still in its very early stages of development, it is still hard to say what the true motives will be for the protagonist, or protagonists. However, this has drawn the public eye to this game through the controversial subject matter that has already been placed on the display.

No matter what kind of message is attempting to be made by Ubisoft, it seems that the town of Hope County is going to be a place of intense carnage for all of the citizens there.