With "Spider-Man: Homecoming" hitting theaters in less than two months, the film seems to live up to its name in more ways than one. Spider-Man will be coming home to Marvel with Sony as the distributor and will be allowed to enter the fold for Avengers movies that are going to be coming soon. Tom Holland brings a new take to the character as he attempts to prove that he is worthy of being in the Avengers. This is a nod to the movie itself as the audience wants to see if this new Spider-Man can make it where the others have failed.

No need for another origin story

It seems that with this new Spider-Man movie, director Jon Watts has realized that the audience knows the origins of the wall-crawler. A nerd is bitten by a radioactive spider and he comes to realize that he has super powers. He becomes arrogant and his uncle dies. This causes him to realize that he has to save people with these powers he has been given. That saves about an hour of screen time with knowledge that we already know. With Tom Holland's Spider-Man already being shown in "Captain America: Civil War," the audience is already familiar with the character and what this particular Spider-Man can bring to the table.

The film seems to be more of a test for the young superhero as to whether or not he can make it in the Avengers.

Throughout the various trailers that have been released, Tony Stark appears frequently and every time he is on screen he is telling Peter Parker to leave the crime fighting to those that handle it for a living. He even goes so far as to take the super suit that he made for Peter away from him.

The stakes are high for the character and the film

With Michael Keaton taking up the role of the Vulture in this film, it seems that Spider-Man is going to have his work cut out for him. While it seems that this movie is attempting to move away from the particularly darker tones of its predecessors, the film still has to touch on the darkness in Peter's past and the struggles he is facing in the film.

While Tony Stark is going to be a role model for Peter, it seems that the threat of the Vulture is going to be something that Peter has to deal with himself. This makes sense with the tone of the film from what has been seen in the trailers, as it is a coming of age story for the hero.

Since this will be the sixth Spider-Man film, and the third Spider-Man that has been seen, the pressure is on this film to succeed. However, with the help of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe behind him, it seems that the franchise has as good a chance as any.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" will be in theaters on July 7th, 2017.