Square Enix is arguably one of the best and most popular gaming developers in video game history. The company is renowned for its intricate video games that include deep worlds and lore as well as stunning gameplay systems. However, the very elements that make the company so popular is also a scorn for some players as the developer is also well known for its lengthy development periods.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" and the new "Final Fantasy 7" remake are two of the most anticipated games from the developer. Both games have been in the development process for the past couple of years, and the latest reports have suggested that they will apparently still be in the development process for the next few years.

Official announcements

During a recently held financial briefing for investors, Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda made a presentation to show off the company's upcoming lineup for its 2017 and 2018 fiscal year. The presentation was meant to show off the games the company will be releasing for the next three years or so. Unfortunately, "Kingdom Hearts 3" and the new "Final Fantasy 7" remake were not among the titles that were included.

Original unveiling

Based on the presentation, it can be assumed that players will likely have to wait an additional three years before the games are released. "Kingdom Hearts 3" was originally announced to be in development back at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event, while the "Final Fantasy 7" remake was officially announced back in 2015.

Long production process

It has to be noted that during both announcements, no exact release dates were specified. However, some fans have expressed their disappointment towards the developer for creating such a huge hype for games that are still years away from being released.

Then again, Square Enix has been known to take its time in developing installments for its main franchises.

The company actually took over 15 years before it finished working on "Final Fantasy 15." The game turned out to be well worth the wait, which gives fans a bit of hope for the outcome of the two highly anticipated titles.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" and the new "Final Fantasy 7" will undoubtedly be two of the biggest releases for the company, which is why they are taking all the time they need to polish them before release properly. "Kingdom Hearts 3" Director Tetsuya Nomura previously mentioned that they are meticulously creating the game's worlds one world at a time.