Niantic wants to revive the furor for their mobile video game this Summer. Although Pokémon GO has 65 million players worldwide, the fever for the video game is not like how it was at first so being able to catch legendary creatures can be an incentive for old players to return.

This summer will be legendary

There has been an astounding success with Pokémon GO as crowds of people in parks can be seen trying to capture creatures but Niantic doesn’t want the rhythm to stop and does not want the use of its application to decay, so they are preparing new functions and options that will motivate users to re-engage.

Among them, Legendary Pokémon.

In the celebration of the 21st Webby Awards, held last night, Pokémon GO was one of the winners. It was during the awards when a member of the team gave new clues about these creatures. Global product marketing manager Archit Bhargava said during the ceremony: "This summer will be legendary." With Pokémon GO near its first anniversary, it would be a good way to celebrate it.

The New generations

New generations of creatures for Pokémon GO have been launched this year. Also, as confirmed by one of those responsible for the creation of the game, Pokémon GO will receive the expected Legendary Pokémon before the end of 2017, although it is not known which will be the first to arrive or whether they will all arrive at the same time.

Changes in Pokémon Go

But that is not the only thing Niantic has planned to improve the game and keep getting new players. It is also expected that battles or exchanges between Pokémon will soon arrive. Battles that would allow trainers to form teams to fight. Teams can be trained to fight creatures, and you can fight other trainers, but you can also exchange creatures with other players, friends or family.

Both functions are undoubtedly the main attractions. Co-operative events are also expected throughout 2017. There will also be national events organized by Google, Niantic, and Nintendo, which will allow you to catch one of the most difficult creatures.

A few days ago, Pokémon GO incorporated promotional codes. These codes will appear in the main menu of the game and can be redeemed within the application store.

Once we exchange the promotional codes, we will receive a notification which will tell us what we have won.

In the meantime, we look at the future, and the fans anxiously await the arrival of Generation III of Pokemon GO, we leave you with a video below. Enjoy: