'Super Mega Baseball' surprisingly took the gaming realm by storm, and much to the delight of avid gamers the sequel to Metalhead Software's hit video game series is already in works, but fans should not get their hopes high yet as it's unlikely to hit the store shelves anytime soon.

Release date, new trailer, and other details

Sport games fanatics, brace yourselves! The hotly anticipated follow-up to 'Super Mega Baseball' is not expected to arrive until September. As if this weren't enough, the game will not launch for the Big N's new console, Switch.

On Friday, May 26, the studio rolled out a brand new trailer that gives us a brief glimpse of SMB 2's new and enhanced lighting and stadium renders. Aside from that, the recently surfaced Art Reveal video footage rubber stamped the game's September launch.

What to expect this September?

The real baseball postseason kicks off October, meaning, fans will have roughly about a month to draw inspiration from MLB (Major League Baseball) to play 'SMB 2.' While Xbox One baseball fans may not have ceased waiting restlessly for the launch, PS4 and PC players, on the other hand, may have already resorted to other alternatives in order to satisfy their baseball craving.

Apparently, several PS4 baseball fans are contented with Sony San Diego's Major League Baseball video game dubbed, 'MLB The Show 17.' The game acquired an 85 Metacritic score and the main complaint most players had related to the title alluded to server-related problems that adversely affected the game for more than following its launch.

September is expected to see the debut of several sports Video Games including 'NASCAR Heat 2,' 'NHL 18,' 'PES 2018,' 'FIFA 18,' 'NBA 2K18,' and probably 'NBA Live 18' will see the light of day as well. What remains to be seen is whether or not fans of other sports would be interested in purchasing 'SMB 2' rather than going in for any other sports game that arrives the same month.

Although it's no secret that multiple console availability depends on quite a few factors, it's still far-fetched to conceive the sequel to 'SMB' won't be up for grabs on the Nintendo Switch. This is also odd especially because of the overall packaging, and the cartoonish character design vociferates Nintendo. Besides, there's dearth of sports game for the system, meaning, 'SMB 2' is highly unlikely to face a cut throat competition on Switch like it obviously would on other platforms.

Do you think the upcoming game might not get the attention it's worthy of due to an odd release date? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!