Nintendo is in luck, and Tatsumi Kimishima’s position at the head of the company also is. The closing of the last day in the Japanese Stock Market has marked the highest value in Nintendo shares of the last seven years, reaching an even higher price than the one we saw last July with the arrival of Pokémon GO.

Nintendo's stock prices

Recently, Nintendo's share prices had reached its highest value even surpassing what the company achieved last summer when it launched Pokémon GO. Now the value of the shares stands at ¥ 31,880 JPY, which surpassed the amount reached in July 2016.

A few days after such a high value was registered at the stock market in 2016 there was a sharp fall due to the loss of confidence of the investors, who considered that Pokémon GO was temporary - besides knowing that Nintendo shared profits with two other companies. The current case is different: Nintendo Switch convinces the clear majority of shareholders, and that bond that they have means that the benefits are increasing each time.

This momentum has been increasing since the launch of Nintendo Switch, which has had a very good reception from buyers around the world even though it has faced some distribution problems. Both in March and April, Nintendo's new console has been reported as the best-selling hardware unit in the United States, and some of its titles have been in the highest sales positions, such as The Legend of Zelda, Breath of The Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition.

The evolution of Nintendo in the stock market in the last seven years has had a historical record and still surpasses by a lot the record reached in the times of the Wii, in 2007.

Let’s remember that those exorbitant levels were reached thanks to the launch of Pokémon GO, which revolutionized the market of the mobile devices at that time.

This is certainly good news for both the company and the players because this incredible growth can be reflected in the improvements of the game and great advances as this will motivate Nintendo to continue investing in Pokémon Go so that it remains one of the best games of the world.

New updates in 'Pokemon GO.'

Ultimately, all of these latest updates to the application have certainly served as a boon not only to the game itself but to the users that are continuing to play the application developed by Niantic.

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