Nintendo has always been somewhat unorthodox over the past decade or so with its console systems, and the Nintendo Switch was no exception to this trend. Nintendo was surprised at the number of units sold since its release. They had made a, somewhat, modest prediction in their sales for the console before its release on March 3rd of this year. Its popularity among the public was not apparent, but it sure is evident, if you were to look at the numbers. Many, as well as myself, are curious as to what Nintendo's next move will be in the coming years.

Nintendo's tradition

If you aren't aware, the Nintendo Switch is one of the unique consoles to be released. After the GameCube came out, Nintendo has been consistently releasing consoles, just as Sony and Microsoft have been. But there is a fine line separating Nintendo from the PlayStation and XBox franchises. Simply put, Nintendo has not only been releasing consoles but consoles that are unique and never-before-seen in the category.

The first of these to come out was the Wii in 2006. This was the first console to be entirely composed of motion-sensor controls. The Wii U, in 2012 turned heads by keeping the idea of the Wii in mind, but also adding an entirely unique controller that had its screen.

This meant many unique games could be added to Nintendo's arsenal, ones that required players to look at different screens.

The Nintendo Switch is the first of its kind

Jump a few years into the future to the present with the Nintendo Switch; it took the right parts of the Wii and the Wii U to create the first hybrid console that can be thought of similar to a PS4 or XBox 1.

However, the Switch is unique in that it comes with a special screen that can be the screen itself to be played on. It's the first mobile console the World has ever seen.

In our modern times of always being on the go and away from home, the Switch isn't only a great idea; it's a practical one! It's no wonder a number of sales exceeded Nintendo's expectations if you think about the practicality of the system itself.

Not to mention the child-friendly nature of Nintendo's systems. You'd never see anything above an "E" rating for a Mario game.

Nintendo's sales above expectations

Arguably, the Switch's success may be linked to the newest addition to the Zelda franchise, "Breath of the Wild" which was released the same day as the Switch. Besides Mario, Zelda is perhaps the most popular game series Nintendo has made.

Most of the games are on hand-held devices like the DS or GameBoy, as that was their original style of gameplay, but every Nintendo TV console has had a few open-world Zelda games. The last original Zelda game for a TV console came out in 2011 ("Skyward Sword") for the Wii. After six years of waiting for a brand-new Zelda game in updated HD graphics, many Zelda fans set out to pre-order the Switch.