Back in July on a day like any other, when Pokémon GO was in full throttle, a robbery occurred near the Museum of Fine Arts of Auburn, Alabama. The delinquents were a group of four young men of about 19 years of age with their faces covered who threatened a player of the Niantic game with guns in hand.

They were all detained by the local police!

Luckily, they were all detained by the local police, but the Young Man who was attacked was so dismayed he had to be treated by first aid as well as taken to the nearest hospital to treat the painful wounds he received from the bandits.

Now, almost a year after the crime was committed, two of the four subjects who participated in the crime have Pleaded Guilty to the judge, while one of the other two members, who also fled the scene of the crime, has not shown his face to the police and therefore is facing an even bigger penalty.

Walter Tatum

Walter Tatum, a 19-year-old boy, is now facing no less than 20 years in prison for the horrendous crime committed this past July. The problem in this matter is that Pokémon GO has been tainted with a false consideration, alluding to the exposure of serious dangers when playing the game in the early hours of the morning if we are on the street.

Walter Tatum is the only one of the malefactors facing a 20-year sentence.

Two of his companions have pleaded guilty and are still waiting to hear their punishment, while the other young man has not yet testified. Auburn police have stated publically that playing Pokemon GO in early morning areas can be dangerous and advise against it.

New information about the game.

Ultimately, all of these latest updates to the application have certainly served as a boon not only to the game itself but to the users that are continuing to play the application developed by Niantic.

We remind you that through a response from a Twitter user, Niantic engineers revealed an important piece of information. Spoiler alert!

The tweet said: "Thanks for your tweet! We are not accepting PokéStop suggestions now, but are working on a way to enable submissions in the future ". This tweet is implying that soon enough, Niantic will develop a cool update which will allow the players to request the creation of PokeStops.

We leave you with a video below. Enjoy:

Pokémon GO - Get Up and Go Trailer.

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