The next massive update in "Pokemon GO" will arrive this Friday. Recently, the Rock-type event of the widely-played, augmented-reality game has just wrapped up and players are now excited about the next event. Earlier, several gaming sites reported on a potential insect-type event coming on either June 4 or 6. However, upon confirmation, it appears that the event was organized by a fan in order to fill Gyms with bugs. While trainers are still waiting for information about the next event, another report claims that a massive change in the game will arrive before the weekend begins.

Gym update

A site regularly releasing accurate information, including leaks and data mine discoveries, claims that this Friday trainers will see several updates to roll out in "Pokemon GO." Most probable among these will include the much-awaited gym update. To prepare for this anticipated update, players should start making trips to the Gyms. When the update rolls out, most likely, these gyms will be emptied in just a brief period of time.

Most likely, this update will be seeing light soon since Niantic Labs has been very busy releasing patches to counter cheaters. Gyms need to undergo reset in order to possibly restrict cheaters and bots that have participated in the gym. It is worth noting that these cheaters have infested the game as early as the game's release.

Fighting- type monsters event

Aside from the Gym update, a possible event that will involve fighting-type pocket monsters is also expected to launch this week. Another possibility is an event that will involve Unown. These events could either lead to the heavily speculated changes including the PvP battle and the arrival of the Legendaries.

Legendaries and PvP

Meanwhile, fans have been speculating about the arrival of the Legendaries in "Pokemon GO." Aside from that, PvP battle is also anticipated to be launched anytime soon. Niantic confirmed, in an interview with a Brazilian website Globo, that battles between players and Legendary creatures are coming this summer.

This was also previously stated by one of the company's executives when he received an award for the game. He was quoted saying that this summer will be "Legendary."

For now, with a few more days to go, players will have to patiently wait for the announcement from Niantic Labs on the next "Pokemon Go" event. We will keep you posted about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.