Several creators and YouTube influencers were invited by EA Sports to witness the preview event of the much-awaited installment of the company’s basketball game, the NBA Live 18.” After the event, screenshots about the game as well as gameplay previews flooded the online community. From the leaked 5v5 gameplay and screenshots, gamers were able to draw their conclusions for the upcoming game.

It can be recalled that 'EA Sports’ NBA Live game used to dominate the hoop shot gaming community before 2K Games introduced their own game version. Now that the company is undeniably back in the loop, gamers are expecting that it will offer more than what the competition would offer to regain the lead in the market.

Gameplay details

In the video uploaded by Agent00, he revealed that EA Sports confirmed that it would feature numerous Signature player moves to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Every fan knows that the superstars have their own nuances when playing on the hard court and this is what the company would want the fans to see and experience. In the video, which you can find below, you can see Westbrook firing away and LeBron flaunting his nuance after blocking a shot.

Aside from the signature moves, the Ultimate Team mode from the previous game installment is also confirmed to come back in this year’s offering. This is similar to the collectible card features of other sports games. In the previous offering, cards are featured in special versions among them includes the Short Term, Master Players, and Specialist.

As explained on the game’s official website, the Specialist characters contain a particular stat bonus helpful in making the perfect roster. On the other hand, Short term players are cards with limited use but strong impact. The Master Players have their own league and can be used to acquire the best game card. The publisher has yet to expound more details about this feature in “NBA Live 18.”

In the event, a logo of The One is seen by those who were invited.

According to speculations, The One could potentially refer to the name of a story mode in the game. Looking at the name, it appears that players would need to portray a created character and bring it to fame in the big league. This would include drafts, shoe contracts, training, and interacting with other players.

Release date

NBA Live 18” according to EA Sports will be released in fall 2017. It will be available alongside other sports titles such as Madden, FIFA, and NHL. Meanwhile, check out the 5v5 gameplay clip and some screenshots below.