One of the highly anticipated and heavily speculated game this year is Ea Sports' "NBA Live 18." For several years, the basketball gaming market has been dominated by 2K sports. However, with the latest leak that recently surfaced online, it appears that the favorite hoop shot game has a solid competitor just waiting to be unleashed.

Latest leaks

Famous YouTuber Chris Denker, popularly known as DenkOps, recently shared online an off-screen image that reveals that "NBA Live 18" is happening, and soon.

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As shown in the image, Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar LeBron James is present and in the far distance is Boston Celtics' star, Avery Bradley [VIDEO]. The Celtics' star in the image is yet to be confirmed since his appearance seems hazy in the leaked screenshot.

Interestingly, James appeared brawny and his massive built and towering height was highlighted in the image. Moreover, the sweat in the player's body is prominent as seen on the side part of his forehead, his neck, shoulders and even in his arm. The player's arm is refined that even his veins and other physical attributes are visible. Even his tattoos are very clear, and his render is crisp and just look great. If we are to base the recent screenshot of EA Sports' upcoming game with that of "2K18," it appears that the latest from EA offers better visuals.

Speculated features of the game

Aside from this most recent leak, another leaked image surfaced last April 2017. The image made headlines because if proven true, it will have a strong implication in the landscape of basketball gaming market.

The image contained the logo of Women National Basketball Association. Speculations claimed that the upcoming "NBA Live 18" will the WNBA. It was further claimed that the game will provide players with the option to play with the players and teams of the WNBA.

The speculations went on saying that the game publisher has made similar feat in its other game offerings including the popular "FIFA 17." It can be recalled that there were 14 women's national teams were featured in the game, which received a lot of praises by several sporting games analysts.

Aside from the WNBA being part of the upcoming, there are also several information saying that it will feature only 12 teams upon its release. All these information are not yet confirmed by the game publisher. With recent reports that the game will be launched between October and December, fans can expect more leaks and speculations bout "NBA Live 18" in the coming months.