In November 2011, Bethesda released Skyrim, which is the fifth installment of its Elder Scrolls series. The game is the tenth best-selling game in the world, setting record-high sales of 30 million copies. It has also received numerous recognitions as the Best RPG. Almost six years after, fans are anticipating another game to be released from this series. While the gaming studio has not yet confirmed any of this, fans were quick to call the next iteration "Elder Scrolls VI."

Since the previous years, there has been heavy speculation about this game.

The game studio in return tried to be cagey about any information and remained tight-lipped about the upcoming game. It can be recalled that a couple of years ago, Bethesda admitted that they had not yet started making the game. This slowly pacified the fans and talks about the game slowly subsided. Recently, however, the game studio announced that it will be holding an event in June. This sparked the hopes of the fans and speculations about its potential big reveal is rife online.

Bethesdaland on E3 2017 event

This year, the gaming studio announced that it will be present at the E3 event. It has also released promotional materials that showcase numerous rides designed after the studio's franchise.

It is interesting that two of these rides are nameless and bears the words, 'Coming Soon' and 'Under Construction.' This translates to fans and gamers, that the developer's keynote event will involve announcements and big reveals for its current and upcoming games. The speculation is that "Elder Scrolls VI" will most likely be revealed during this event.

Survival mode

Aside from the great reveal during the E3 event, there are also other speculations about the upcoming game. This includes the Survival mode. Several interesting reports claim that "Elder Scrolls VI" will feature the Survival mode, which was previously added to "Fallout 4." With this mode, fresh game dynamics will be introduced to the standard role-playing game experience.

In addition, plain actions will be deeper and more engaging with this mode on board. Aside from those, in this mode, the player will not be allowed to fast-travel and will have to look after its character by keeping the stat levels of food, water, and sleep up.

It will be exciting to have this mode in the "Elder Scrolls VI." It will be even more exciting if we see the highly anticipated game debut during the E3 event on June 11. As for the game's release date, fans are hoping that they will get their hands on the game before 2017 ends. However, these are all just speculations and the studio has yet to confirm the information.