During the EA Play 2017, DICE announced the first gameplay for the upcoming Russian DLC for "Battlefield 1" dubbed as, In the Name of Tsar. The announcement also confirmed that the first Russian Women's Battalion of Death will be released as the latest multiplayer Scout class. Moreover, the game developer also confirmed the inclusion of new weapons and maps.

Women's Battalion of Death

In Russian history, the Women's Battalion of Death was first founded in Petrograd, in May 1917. Maria Yashka Bochareva heads the squad. She is a part of the 25th Tomsk Reserve Battalion of the Imperial Russian Army.

Amidst the strong opposition, the government launched the female soldiers as a propaganda to keep the dispirited infantry alive. Bochavera was recognized three times for her bravery and has endured the scorn and sexual harassments of his comrades. According to stories, she has killed one German soldier using a bayonet. The unit was disbanded several months after it was established.

Other details

Aside from the Women of Death Battalion added to the multiplayer Scout class with the upcoming In The Name of Tsar DLC, new vehicles, maps, and weapons will also be included. While DICE has not yet revealed more details about the content, basing on the French DLC's Behemoth and new game mode, most likely fans will see similar features.

DICE previews flaunt the Battle of Galicia, which most likely will be one of the maps contained in "Battlefield 1's" upcoming In The Name of Tsar DLC. The Battle of Galicia is a Russian assault toward the Germans and Hungarians. Aside from that, the game developer also shows off the Operation Albion, which is a German offensive covering land and naval operations to penetrate the archipelago in West Estonia.

Release date

It appears that more details about the Russian DLC of "Battlefield 1" will be disclosed during the great reveal at the EA Play. The event will take place on June 10. During the said event, fans are expecting that the release date of the upcoming DLC dubbed as In the Name of Tsar will also be revealed. Most likely the first gameplay preview will also be released during the same event.

"Battlefield 1" is available on Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4. For those who would like to avail of the previous downloadable contents of the game, they can get it now to induce more multiplayer action while waiting for the release of the game's latest content.