In 2016, long before the hybrid console of Nintendo was launched, there was speculation on the Internet that a Mario title would be crossed over with another game. The reports claimed that the jumper-wearing plumber and his friends from the bricks and tunnels environment of the Mushroom Kingdom would collaborate with the Rabbids from "Rayman." It was reported that it would be a role-playing strategy game that would be released on Nintendo Switch. Just recently, leaked images appeared online, making headlines, and showing a game titled, "Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle."

Leaked image

The leaked image was posted online via Twitter.

Reportedly, "Mario+ Rabbids: Kingdom Battle" is currently being developed by gaming giants Nintendo and Ubisoft. The leaked images not only confirm the previous speculations about the game but also revealed substantial information that we can use to learn more about its specifics.

Gameplay and features

The game will be 65 percent turn-based combat with multiplayer local co-op and a sense of humor. It will also be, as mentioned earlier, a role-playing strategy game. Aside from that, the game will also be 35 percent exploration as revealed in the leaked images.

"Mario+ Rabbids: Kingdom Battle" will feature four new environments with scattered Easter eggs and puzzles that players can explore and discover.

The game's combat will be primarily weapon-based and will be a bit more tactical in terms of strategy.

The weapons so far, based on the latest leak, appear to be laser-spewing guns. As for the game's playable characters, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi, as well as the Four Rabbids will be included in the game.

One interesting thing revealed in the leaked images is the claim that in the game, while exploring the world, players will not take control of the Rabbids or Mario.

Instead, players can only direct them to the place that they intend the characters to go using the original character Tuttorio. Soon, players will know for sure once Nintendo releases the game.

Release date and other details

Nintendo has yet to comment on the recently leaked images of the upcoming game. "Mario+ Rabbids: Kingdom Battle" is expected to be officially unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017. While the release date is still unknown, fans are happy with the recent leak. As for the game's release date, there are several claims that it will be released in August 2017.