Update 1.16 of "Call of Duty Infinite Warfare" is a 2GB patch available for download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users. Among the features of the latest patch is Ken Jeong Voice-Over Pack. The update also updates the Blind Eye perk challenge's weapon systems and scorestreaks. Moreover, it fixes gestures, adjusts Blackout Grenade, and audio among others. However, there are more interesting discoveries that are not officially revealed by the game publisher. Among them include tons of fresh weapons for the game that gamers will surely enjoy given the variety.

Data mined information

As always, the most interesting information is not revealed by the game publishers. That is always true in every game or updates released. Our ever-reliable data miners always have something for gamers to feast on, and the recent update of "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" is not exempted. On Reddit, a user credited MrJarni, who uploaded a video about his recent discovery of new weapons found in the latest patch file. These guns traverse various weapon categories of the game. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated SMG was not found. Since these newly discovered weapons are discovered in a Data mine, we cannot yet tell when exactly can players get their hands on them.

New weapons

Among the data mined weapons includes Model 2187. This weapon was present in the previous data mines. This time, however, it has its own working attachments and animations. Apparently, it is a refreshed and remodeled version of the model 1887 after the MW2 patch. The weapon as discovered in the datamine has an inconsistent range even if rifled.

Another weapon that was discovered is the Barret 50 Cal. The weapon's animation is already fixed and has received several changes. This classic action bolt rifle is present in several COD titles.

Aside from those old guns, data miners also found new weapons. This includes Gauss, which is a very powerful gun. In the codes, it appears as a semi-automatic LMG with a name volk.

Moreover, it was found out that each of its ammo has the ability to be recharged. In other words, the longer a player holds his fire, the more powerful the damage created. In addition, with this weapon, a player can kill the enemy across the map using a single shot. Another weapon is the Long Shot, which appears to be a cross of a sniper shotgun. The description of the weapon resembles the USAS 12 from the MW3 patch. USNALMG is another weapon uncovered from the patch file. This gun automatically produces ammo and is equipped with a distinct grenade launcher. Aside from those, TACBURST also surfaced in the datamine. It is described as a weapon with bursting capabilities with a grenade launcher.

MAG was also discovered, which is a semi-automatic weapon that uses hailstorm as a placeholder.

Meanwhile, aside from the latest patch for "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," gamers are also excited about the upcoming release of another title, " Call of Duty: WW2." The game is expected to be available on November 3, 2017.