People often neglect their breakfast as they are either too sleepy to think of food or too stressed to think about their morning work. What is the consequence? Usually, they get hungry around 11 AM and if stuck in the office they are crying for their lunch break. The explanation is that after a long period of fasting while you sleep usually your Blood Sugar is low. But unless you are on a diet, there's no need to stress your body regime and tease your stomach.

Start your day right

You must start your day by setting your energy standards. Failing to eat in the morning triggers your desire to have a big lunch, which results in lack of control of your appetite and ends with an afternoon sleepiness and tiredness.

Your breakfast doesn't just aim to satisfy your hunger. The right type of food in the morning could give you the exact amount of energy you need for a kick-start of your day. According to Huffington Post, you must eat more carbs for breakfast as they give you the two essential types of blood sugar, which are glucose and fructose. They fuel your energy cells and whole-body mechanism with the necessary amount of power. Below you can find three great examples of energizing breakfasts. And don't worry, you don’t need to drink Raw Eggs in the morning like Rocky!

1. Oats and nuts

According to Healthline, the oats have many benefits. They are good for your low sugar levels, they reduce the risk of heart diseases, and they are weight loss friendly!

The nuts are a great addition to your breakfast as they are a superb antioxidant and bring much nutrition to your body. Among them are vitamins, proteins, and of course carbs! The nuts are high in fat and they can definitely fuel your body. Eating nuts won’t make you nuts, but rather could benefit your guts.

2. Eggs and toast

Ah, eggs! You can cook them in many different ways. Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, you can even put them on a toast and cook them in the oven. They are so easy to cook and so healthy. The protein they bring to your body gives you an amazing amount of energy, especially if you combine it with a toast on the side.

It’s not surprising why in the western culture the eggs are an essential part of the breakfast meal, or why every bodybuilder's diet includes eggs.

3.Chocolate croissant

Yes, believe it or not! A chocolate croissant is not the healthiest breakfast you can have. But if you can’t live without chocolate, better have it for breakfast to charge your body, instead of eating it late while sitting on your couch or bed and watching TV. A good amount of chocolate in the morning could make you more active, and eventually, you can even burn out the calories. Never underestimate the power of the chocolate! According to Reader's Digest, it is scientifically proven that eating chocolate could stimulate the production of endorphins. They are the main brain chemicals which create the feeling of pleasure.