Twitter, as all the world knows, is a place where people throw rhetorical punches on controversies ranging from traumatized children being used by unscrupulous adults to abolish the 2nd Amendment to whether or not the president of the United States is evil, crazy, stupid or all three. However, Munchies, a culinary publication of Vice Magazine, blew up social media with a tweet that linked to an article that stated: “Why is Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world?”

Is Brooklyn Barbecue a thing?

Not only the provocative title but the image that accompanies it raised eyebrows and elicited laughter in Texas, Kansas City, and every other place where real barbecue is smoked and grilled.

The picture was of a plate that had a few strips of what looked like brisket, no smoke rings, a couple of tiny rolls, a few small pickles, and a glass of dark beer.

To be fair, the article suggests that pitmasters are developing something that resembles barbecue with a New York flare, No one down south would have thought of using espresso as part of a dry rub, but it is something that sounds interesting enough to try. Fette Sou, one of the eateries mentioned, seems to have all the traditional dishes available, including brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and sausage. As a bonus a selection of sauces is available.

On the other hand, the plate should not have looked as if it had been prepared for a pixie. Barbecue lovers like their meat piled high and in abundance, with plenty of sauce on the side and generous portions of sides like baked beans or coleslaw. New York deli owners know this instinctively.

And it’s taking over the world?

The article claims that Brooklyn Barbecue is influencing chefs from as far away as Japan and the UK.

Starting a grilling culture in, say, Colombia can be quite a challenge. The livestock is different in South America. Traditional woods such as mesquite and hickory are lacking down there as well.

On the other hand, in Paris, France, a place where it is said the culinary arts are well understood, Texas-style barbecue reigns supreme.

An eatery known as the Beast is pretty popular. Its owner spent a lot of time deep in the heart of Texas learning the art of smoking meat.

Still, while Texas barbecue is the best barbecue on the planet, every part of the world has its own grilling culture. All joking aside, New Yorkers should be lauded for trying to develop their own. At least they finally get it that meat kissed by fire is the supreme form of food on the planet.