Since the day we came out in this world we start dreaming. In their childhood, the boys dream to become police officers or firefighters and the girls want to be hairdressers or maybe Barbie dolls. It is in our nature to develop, evolve and just move forward in every sense. Therefore, at a certain age, we can formulate clearly what we are passionate about in this life.

It could sound intimidating for some readers, but the main thing that draws us away from our dream is our parents. They act as a double-edged sword. Some parents tend to encourage their children to follow their life goals.

But the majority just set up stereotypes for the youngsters. The parents want their children to follow their career steps or to study something which could help them to get a "stable job." That is how we graduate from schools or university which doesn’t have anything in common with our personalities or passion. When we are young, we usually don’t even give it much thought or ask the inner voice. We just follow our parent's example as we typically do in this life.

The first life frustration

Usually in our youth comes the early frustration. We study business and management because our parents are successful businessmen and we think that’s the natural path for us. Eventually, after spending a year at the Business Economics course, you ask yourself the questions “Why do I do that when I don’t like it, and it doesn’t make me happy?” Eventually, you continue with your studies as there’s someone who nags you how you should study harder or you will fail in this life.

The second frustration

You graduate school or colleague, you get a job, and one day the question comes up again. The difference is that this time it’s not a question, but a real feeling. The feelings of sadness and emptiness are kicking off. This time you know why you feel like that and you realize that your studies and current work are pointless.

What could you do? You remember your dream to become a doctor, journalist, actor or singer, but it’s too late! You are no longer in your early 20s to consider a change. But why not? Do you want just to fit in somewhere, or you want to get to the place where you belong?

Rocky example

Back in 1976, Silvester Stallone was living in poverty.

He barely managed to pay his bills, and he had $106 in his bank account. But he got his inspiration, and he wrote the "Rocky" script just for three days. No one believed that Mr. Stallone could succeed with his work. But he believed in himself and kept going until he got the first offer for his script.

Even though he was financially broke he rejected it because it didn’t offer him the chance to star in his movie. He rejected another offer when it came the third one which was the right one. The rest is history. He said in his Oscar award speech one sentence: “This Oscar is for all Rockies in the world." The "Rockies" according to Sly are all people in this world who try to realize their dream.

The ones who are trying to get one shot at their lifetime to prove themselves. You can't know if it is worth it until you try.

Take it or leave it

"Now If you know what you are worth, then go and get what you are worth,” says Rocky Balboa. So, are you a Rocky and would you Chase your dream? The one which will make you happy. The pursuit of happiness is a constitutional right in the United States. And it should be everywhere in this world. In case you decide not to risk it you will be still OK. But you would never know what is behind the door which you never opened.