What exactly does it mean to criticize? According to research done by the University of British Columbia, the origin of the word "critique" comes from the Greek "kritike tekhne" or "the critical art." All famous Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, were masters of the critique!" Greek City Times" states that for them to philosophize or in other words to "theorize" or "speculate" was synonymous to "criticize." So if critical thinking approach was essential for the masterminds, what about us the everyday people? What about our lives and the relations we have with our families, friends, and Society?

People usually think that criticizing is a bad thing because the social stereotype says so. Since childhood, we have been taught that it's wrong to object to your teacher, colleagues, boss, friends, and family. You get labeled as an "opinionated person" who doesn't adhere to the school practice, company culture or some fake social standard. But on the contrary, sometimes the stereotype is correct. People, criticize out of jealousy, anger, negative thinking, and even boredom. You have to decide for yourself what is the right thing to do. But please, do not stereotype and don't give "the art of critique" a bad name just because you are sensitive to getting criticized yourself! If you do it with good intentions and you deliver your objections in the right manner no one should get harmed.

Maybe someone's ego, but that is a different topic!

Criticizing and science

How would the world evolve without our critical approach? If Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei didn’t question the ancient beliefs about the earth’s rotation around the sun, we would never have the foundations of the modern heliocentric theory.

People such as Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan and the "Age of Exploration" would never exist. What about Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla? Two of the world’s greatest scientists who invented many things among them the AC and DC currents. If they didn’t have the scientific critical approach they would never make their great discoveries.

They even criticized each other's work.

Criticizing the 'ego'

In general, criticizing means that you express disapproval. When you criticize scientifically, educational-wise or work-related you will likely face strong opposition and negativism, as no one likes to hear how you question the current status quo. But when you object someone's inner status quo his "I am," his Ego that is where the real battle starts. If you talk critically about people's physical possessions like clothes, cars, mobile phones, houses, etc, they instantly bring their guard up. But people could get really aggressive if you express disapproval of their physical appearance, character, behavior, and personal belief system.

No one likes the personal critique, but sometimes it is inevitable. If you really care about the person who you think is doing wrong you have to tell him.

Empathy is the key

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help," said Abraham Lincoln. “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her," says the Bible. Therefore, look at yourself in the mirror first before disapproving of someone's beliefs, attitude, or physical appearance. Look at things through his eyes. Put yourself in his shoes. Feel the things like he does. Moreover, if you don't like something what could you do better? Do you know what that person went through in this life? Always question yourself and then go for the criticism.

And say it politely. Pick the right words. Don’t push. And see how the other person responds to that. People are sensitive to criticism as it hurts their ego. Only a few would say the phrase: "OK, you are right!." So be careful to not press someone anger buttons.

Watch out for the master Yoda

You get the annoying type of people who criticize just for the sport of it, without any empathy. But there is another kind, including arrogant youngsters or over-confident older people who think their age and experience give them all the knowledge in the world. Don’t push it too hard there! Let life teach them a lesson. Hopefully, they will learn with time. If you cannot hold it as their behavior hurts you personally then just simply say: "You make me feel bad!

Can you please stop doing that!" Or, "don't you think it is better to change that?." Cross fingers they will show you some empathy as well.


"If I can change and you can change, everybody can change," shouted Rocky Balboa in the ring. You can decide what is best for yourself. Do you think there is a point in getting into the critical fight? Do you really care? Can you stand the negativism? The real meaning of being romantic is to believe in people. Believe they could do better and get better as human beings. So you decide! Would you like to change the world like Galileo, Magellan or Tesla? Would you like to help your friend, partner, colleague or boss to do better in life or you will focus only on your ego and well-being?!