Ah, Millennials. You have to love them, hate them, or both. Regardless of your personal feelings about the generation, it's undeniable that this group of people brings about change everywhere they go. From the way our jobs work to the housing market, this is a generation that fights for what they want. But it doesn't stop with jobs and housing. Millennials have even started changing the way we eat! These are the most common ways that millennials have changed the way that we all consume our food.

What's in our food?

One thing that millennials really want to know is the truth about what's in our food.

Big food companies have started listening to what consumers want, which is great. Millennials are pushing for more informative ingredient labels, and we're getting them.


No, we aren't talking about your custom-design video-game character. Millennials like being able to make what's theirs, theirs. It makes everything feel a little more personal. Because of this, many food chains now offer customizable options to your food choice, making eating more enjoyable to everyone's personal taste.


Millennials enjoy things that are easy and convenient. They're the same way with their food. This generation has been the biggest influence on things such as meal kits, grocery delivery services, online ordering, and so much more.

If you have access to convenient food, you can more than likely thank the millennials in your area.

The new definition of healthy food

Low-fat and low-carb are no longer terms that mean a food is healthy, at least not to millennials. They're more concerned about where the food comes from, is it locally sourced? Is it organic?

These are the questions that have made many food industries start labeling where their products originate.

Better baby food

One thing that has changed drastically is baby food. Millennials want better options for their babies than powdered rice and mashed fruits and vegetables. It's not uncommon to find more organic baby foods as well as a wider variety of flavors.

Most baby food is now available in convenient pouches as opposed to jars, which is easy for families on-the-go and when kids are old enough to start being a little more independent.

The importance of the planet

Millennials value the importance of the planet we live on more than almost any other age group so far. Millennials are always looking for eco-friendly options and sustainable items. The factor of sustainability largely determines where many millennials purchase their food from.

They love snacks

Convenience is a big factor in many millennials lifestyles. We're constantly on the go and moving, so we need food that's convenient and fast. Many millennials also prefer to snack throughout the day rather than eat meals, so snack companies have gotten smarter about their products.

Many snacks are now portable, offer resealable packaging, and are easy to open.

Millennials will try anything

This generation is not afraid to try the food. This means that food industries offer more diverse options. This doesn't just include culturally diverse food, but it means that there are more vegan and vegetarian options as well. The millennials really want food for every individual person to enjoy.