It might be a little hard to think of pies containing meats instead of fruits. The Greeks and Romans were the first to make pies. They filled their pastry shells with meat or seafood. Then they flavored the pies with spices and served them during the last part of their meal.

Back in the 1600s, the Pilgrims brought to the New World recipes that included only meat fillings such as beef, duck, lamb or pigeon. Today, chicken pot pies and beef pot pies are available, but they are not served as desserts. Instead, sweet pies include all kinds of fruits and other tasty ingredients.

Therefore, people have a wide variety of flavors to choose from on January 23 when they celebrate National Pie Day along with people all over the country.

Kinds of pies

Any kind of fruit or other ingredients can be filling for the pastry shell. It can be apple, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, lemon, coconut, peach, pumpkin, pecan, or sweet potato. After the pie is baked and cooled it can be served with a scoop of ice cream on top. Then it is called pie à la mode which makes it even more delicious. Some people put a slice of cheese on top of their apple pie.

The apple pie is considered to be the all-American Dessert even though all pies are honored on January 23.

How to make delicious pies

For those who love to bake, making a pie comes easy for them. Not only is a pie defined by its filling, but it is also defined by its crust. A crust could be a single layer which covers only the bottom of the dish, and the filling can be clearly seen on top of the pastry.

A lattice-crust covers part of the top, and some of the filling can be seen. A two-crust pie has a bottom and a top, and the filling is completely covered.

Whether you like your pies with a single crust or another type, it will surely be a wonderful treat for you on National Pie Day or any day. If you do not want to bake one yourself, you can always pick one up from the grocery store or from your local bakery.

Almost all restaurants serve pies even though they might not have a variety of them on the menu. If you and your family go out to dinner, treat yourself at the end of your meal. Some restaurants offer free pie with your meal on National Pie Day no matter which kind you select.

Today, there are so many more favors than when the pie was first introduced to America. Aren't you glad pies are now filled with fruits and other sweet ingredients, unlike the ones that used to be filled with meats and seafood? What is your favorite pie?