A lot of people want to get involved in any way they can in the celebration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in May 2018. Just one day after it was revealed online that the engaged couple wants a banana-flavored wedding cake, a company that produces bananas saw it as an opportunity for it to get involved.

Dole has offered to bake the wedding cake and sees it as a higher calling to provide it for Prince Harry and Meghan on their special day. The company that is headquartered in Westlake Village, California is one of the largest provider of fruits and vegetables in the whole world.

Dole also has a culinary section, and it would be no problem at all for it to provide the wedding cake if Kensington Palace accepts the offer.

The couple's love of bananas

A few months after the engaged couple began dating in 2016, Meghan posted on Instagram a meme of two bananas spooning. Both of them were very happy then and even happier now. The news came out on Monday (Dec. 4) about Harry's fondness for the fruit. That's why there are so many banana memes on social media.

Because the couple loves bananas, both of them have agreed to have a banana-flavored wedding cake instead of the traditional British wedding fruitcake.

Mark Allison is the director of culinary nutrition center at the Dole Nutrition Institute in Kannapolis, North Carolina. He is a native of the United Kingdom, but he moved the United States 13 years ago.

Allison is well-known as an expert on baking with bananas, and it would be an honor if he could get the assignment to oversee the baking and decorating the cake.

Besides, it would give him the opportunity to return home to Wales. Dole is serious and is really pitching the idea. The company wrote in a press release on Tuesday (Dec. 5) that their top banana executive chef would be able to bake the wedding cake for the royal couple.

Congratulatory banana memes

Dole came up with the idea after learning on Monday that the couple has a fondness for bananas and that's the flavor they want for their wedding cake.

Whether Dole gets to bake the cake or not, the company is releasing a series of banana memes on social media to congratulate the couple on their wedding.

A banana cake is prepared just like any other cake except bananas are the primary ingredients. They are what makes it different from other cakes. It is definitely very different from a fruitcake.

Kensington Palace has not responded to Dole's offer. Do you think the company will get the assignment?