Almost everyone is susceptible to a heart disease and based on the latest studies by Soochow University, Eating Cheese could alleviate the risks of developing heart conditions.

This is great news for cheese-lovers who enjoy the dairy delicacy.

A daily slice is all it takes

Based on a recent research, eating 40 grams of sliced cheese daily could decrease the possibility of developing stroke and other heart conditions. The new recommendations emanate from the 15 observational studies that evaluated the effects of cheese consumption on the threat of cardiovascular disease or CVD.

Li-Qiang Qin, co-author and his team from Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene at Soochow University's School of Public Health in China provided the details of their research in the European Journal of Nutrition.

The researchers wrote: "This meta-analysis of prospective studies suggests a nonlinear inverse association between cheese consumption and risk of CVD."

Cheese could prevent coronary heart disease and stroke

Qin and his colleagues conducted the research on more than 200,000 people. They found out that people who consume cheese about the size of a matchbox on a daily basis, have 14 percent less chance to contract Coronary Heart Disease. Eating cheese could also curtail the probability of suffering from a stroke by 10 percent.

A separate study was previously conducted under Ian Givens, a food chain nutrition professor at Reading University. They found out that dairy products such as cheese does not boost the risks of heart disease but have a clinical significance on our well-being.

On the other hand, The National Diet and Nutrition Survey certified that saturated fat is a vital part of the diet.

However, a lot of people changed their preference towards dairy products and chose the low-fat versions due to the belief that full-fat products are not good for the health.

And since we’re talking about cheese and its benefits, why not try the latest food craze – cheese tea! As the name implies, the beverage is a combination of cheese and tea and was given a “thumbs up” by the Food Network.

This cheesy beverage is a delightful treat which originated in Taiwan.

Cheese has long been one of the favorite foods in the US and according to statistics; an individual consumed an equivalent of 37.1 pounds of cheese in 2015. The most popular choices of cheese include Mozzarella and Cheddar.

The cheese is jam-packed with nutrients such as protein, calcium, and a lot more. It is rich in calcium that makes the teeth and bones strong aside from Vitamins A and B12. It also contains phosphorous, zinc, riboflavin and a good source of conjugated linoleic acid that may possess anti-cancer properties and protects the heart from risks of heart disease.

Don't you think it's time that you double the cheese toppings on your pizza or spaghetti perhaps?