It is actually possible to turn back the hands of the clock in the Aging Process through healthy eating. The body is made in such a way that it can heal and repair itself by the renewal of cells, to slow down aging and deliver the necessary Raw Material needed to maintain proper cell function. This raw material can be gotten from nutrient supplied to the body. The body is made up of cells which are programmed to die at various intervals. When this occurs; the body replaces the dead cell with another one. The cells need proper nutrients from food to keep them strong.

Slowing down aging through renewal of cells

When a cell dies, it is replaced by a new one which may be weaker or stronger, there are three processes through which a cell can replace itself.

  • Degeneration: a cell is believed to degenerate when it replaces itself with a weaker cell. This happens when we eat the wrong foods and don’t have the right nutrients in our bodies. Foods like red meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, and eggs have been identified by studies, to contribute to heart disease and degenerative conditions in the body.
  • Regeneration: A cell can also regenerate when it is able to replace itself with a stronger and better cell. This is regarded as an Anti-aging process, and can only happen if the cells have quality nutrients and energy. Sometimes a cell can replace itself with same strength cells. If the body doesn’t improve, this is a chronic condition and is very unhealthy.

Some of the foods we are made to believe are good for us actually cause degeneration.

For example, foods that are high in carbohydrate, microwaved foods, processed foods, colorings, additives, artificial sweeteners, and processed meat. Meat and eggs raised by animals outside the normal process can also have toxins and hormones.

Slow down aging through healthy eating.

According to fruitandveggiesmorematters, Vegetables and fruits have been known to help in regenerating the body system to achieve slow aging.

Vegetables such as legumes, sprouts, Aloe Vera, green leafy vegetables, seaweeds are very good for slowing down the aging process.Another type of anti-aging secret is the frequency of drinking pure water.

There are categories of foods and some help slow down the aging process, while some don’t. The foods that aid anti-aging are those that produce alkalis when they are digested.

Some other foods produce acids when digested, which become waste products that are acidic and can cause tiredness and aging. These acidic producing foods are carbohydrates, proteins and all the other degenerating foods mentioned earlier in this article.

We need alkali to neutralize acid in the body and the sources of alkalis are fruits and vegetables. The best way to get all the nutrients in vegetables is by eating them raw or steaming them. Though it is not advisable to avoid acid producing foods entirely, we need to balance it by eating much more alkali-producing foods to avoid health problems and slow down aging.

The next time you go shopping, please do mind what you put in your shopping cart. Remember you need more of alkali-producing food, so make it lots of vegetables, and fewer carbohydrates and proteins.