According to Forbes, the top unique Food Trends of 2017 have been revealed. The following foods might not ever be on your list of favorites, but the magazine listed the ones based on the reviews of five food experts from around the world. They have been compiling. since 2011, and they have the reputation of agreeing on the food trends.

Food experts

The panel of culinary experts includes Linda Burum, a freelance food writer as well as a contributor to the Los Angeles Times. Robin Selden is the current president of the International Caterers Association.

Mike Thelin is a food and hospitality expert and advisor to many leading brands and organizations. Bret Thorn is Senior Food & Beverage Editor of Nation's Restaurant News. Izabela Wojcik has organized more than 200 culinary events each year in New York. So you see all of those on the panel are well capable of deciding on the food trends of 2017. Every year the foods are different, but 2017 seems to have a list of the most interesting foods to date.

1. Activated charcoal powder

If you have not heard about activated charcoal powder, it is at the top of the list of unique foods because of its detoxifying benefits. Izabela Wojcik says the charcoal turns foods black, but it is a hit with people who really believe in the benefits.

Bret Thorn thinks the black food is a dumb trend, but it is still a trend. Therefore, he agreed with the others for it to be at the top of the list.

2. Ashes and powders

The second trend on the list includes foods that have been dehydrated to add color, texture, and flavor on the plate.

Robin Selden said she sprinkles ashes and powders onto dishes to enhance and intensify the flavor. Bret Thorn thinks this is a wise idea to dehydrate vegetables and use them as garnishes.

3. Crudités

If you are not familiar with the word "crudités," they are simply assorted raw vegetables served as hors-d'oeuvres. They are usually dipped into a sauce.

Mike Thelin likes the idea because crudités remind him of the baby carrots and raw broccoli he ate with ranch dressing when he was growing up at home with his parents. Bret Thorn and Robin Selden agree that the vegetables with the dip are really healthy.

4. Exotic Grains

Robin Selden said quinoa, farro, and chia are at the top of her list of exotic grains because they are packed with nutritional value. Besides, they are both savory and sweet. Izabela Wojcik recommends sorghum.

That is a cereal and a sweetener. The staple in Southern kitchens adds texture, crunch, and flavor to dishes.

5. Edible Insects

People have been eating insects for centuries. Linda Burum says insects are a great source of protein. They are enjoyed by people in poor countries. Some people cook them and enjoy them that way. Others ground them into flour. Some of the most edible insects are toasted grasshoppers and bugs.