#Sesame seeds have the ability to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease according to Live Strong. The food that is made from them, sesame sticks, however, should be eaten in moderation. They are high in calories, fat, and sodium but adding this delicious crunchy snack to your diet as a replacement for chips and other unhealthy snacks may be a plus. The majority of the fat content is healthy fats and you can always choose the unsalted version that can be found in health food stores. Mix them with vegetable sticks in order to get maximum benefit and you should be good to go. You will have something to eat that can deter your taste for snacks that have absolutely no benefits at all.

The nutritional content of sesame sticks

Sesame sticks average the same calorie content of #potato chips which is about 153 per ounce. Limiting how many you have each day will ensure you don't swap out one bad habit for another. They are high in fat but only a little over 1.8 percent is saturated.The rest is the healthy fats. This snack [VIDEO]also has small amounts of dietary fiber and protein along with vitamins B6 and E as well as calcium, phosphorus, copper folate and iron.

Aditional nutrients in Sesame sticks are zinc, selenium, thiamine, phosphorous, riboflavin, manganese, pantothenic acid, niacin, and magnesium. This snack is crunchy and when paired with veggie sticks may curb your appetite for potato chips or other foods that are loaded with calories and high in saturated fats.

Adding this by-product of sesame seeds to your diet in moderation will offer some amazing #Health Benefits.

The crispy crunch of sesame sticks makes them fun

If you grew up eating potato chips, and other crunchy snacks it can be difficult to break the habit. This is especially true if you snack while reading or watching television. Replacing the food that you usually munch on with about half an ounce of sesame sticks will offer the same amount of calories but with more nutritional content. Keep in mind that this is an in-between meal crunch and munch and not intended as a substitute.

The crispy crunch of sesame sticks will give you something to chew on without adding a lot of unhealthy fat. They can also be a part of a trail mix. If you are allergic to sesame products then this is not a good alternative for you to try. Cooking with the seeds and utilizing the oil from sesame are also good alternatives. Again keep in mind the calories and use moderation. If you do this will be a win-win for your overall health.