You have seen your food cooked at the table while you wait to eat at some Japanese and Korean restaurants. You might have also seen your pizza being prepared while you wait. One New York City restaurant is going a step further and will open in February 2018 where customers will have the opportunity to go fishing for their dinner.

Catch your own dinner

Zauko is giving their guests the opportunity to catch their own Fish For Dinner. The Japanese chain has a huge tank in the restaurant where people can enjoy the experience of catching one of ten common types of fish.

Customers have to purchase their own bait, but the rod is free to use. Even though there is a fee for the bait, the fish you catch is still much cheaper than ordering from the menu. The price for your dinner depends on the type of fish you catch and the way it is prepared.

After the customer catches a fish, he gives it to a staff member who cleans and cooks it the way he likes it. The fish can be broiled, deep-fried, grilled, or turned into sushi. To provide privacy for other guests, the fishing is limited to the first two floors while others can dine on the third floor away from people who are fishing.

About Zauko

Zauko will be new to the United States, but themed restaurants are popular in Japan.

The country has at least 14 restaurants based on a theme. So far this is the only restaurant of its kind that will be in the United States in a few months. However, the company wants to establish another location in San Francisco also.

Besides being cheaper than something from the menu, people like the idea of catching their own fish because they know that it is fresh.

It also is an educational lesson for children.

A customer does not need a fishing license to catch his own fish. He can see where the fish are through the clear blue water. The restaurant serves foods other than seafood including fried chicken and other dishes. It also has a rich variety of desserts and menu options for kids.

Customer testimony

What are your thoughts about catching a fish for your own dinner and having it cleaned and cooked while you wait? Is that something you would be interested in doing? Those who have had done it, really love it. Someone posted online that it was an enjoyable experience. He added that it didn't take long for the fish to go from the tank to his plate. He concluded that the fish tasted delicious, and it was a good feeling knowing that he caught it himself. He intends to visit the restaurant many more times.