Delish recently reported a new form of vodka that is made with pickles recently launched by a distillery company. The September 7 article said that this new variety of Vodka is loved by drinkers who described it “like eating a fresh pickle.”

The company behind the pickle vodka is Blue Spirits Distilling, a company located in Leavenworth in the state of Washington. Their new vodka concoction is made with pickles taken from their production facility on Lake Chelan, Delish added.

The pickle vodka lets drinkers choose three base liquors that are taken straight and bottoms up, before staff from the company mix some mini cocktails using the same variant.

The food and drink publication described the Alcoholic Drink as salty “without being overpowering.”

Blue Spirits Distilling

This distillery company offers other flavors of their vodka aside from this favorite snack. According to their official website, they also have the same drink made with cucumbers, grapefruit, pepper, mango, and espresso.

The espresso version has blends of rich espresso coffee, chocolate, and fresh oranges. Meanwhile, the cucumber version contains six pieces of the vegetable in one bottle, the website added. The distillery company also gin, whiskey, tequila, rum and other cocktails.

Each of the pickle vodka 50mL bottles is selling at around $12.50, Delish noted. It said that this particular ingredient inspired other flavors to emerge such as almond-orange, lavender, ginger, and lemon.

The alcoholic drink is available in the United States and Canada market.

With a twist

Blue Spirit’s Distilling’s drink can also be customized depending on the taste preferences of the drinker. The food website suggested adding a small amount of the pickle alcohol with cocktails made with unflavored vodka. This concoction reportedly provides drinkers with a strong yet fresh and salty sensation, perfect for those who can handle this amount.

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The company’s co-owner Heidi Soehren told Delish that when the pickle mix is applied to an unflavored cocktail, there is a “more enhanced flavor and aroma.” Moreover, drinkers can get an energetic boost of flavor and aroma as soon as they take the first sip.

Pickles are forms of cucumbers that take their name from being “pickled” in brine, vinegar or any other solution. They undergo a fermentation process for a certain period of time, either by putting the pickled cucumbers inside an acidic mixture or through a process known as “lacto-fermentation.”